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Upon arrival to Caye Caulker, each of our retreat participants will be receiving a "grab bag", which will include a variety of spiritual wellness goodies including crystals, journals, dried herbs for energy cleansing and so much more!


In many of our workshops, our retreat sisters will be able to use the products from their gift bags to learn how to harness lunar energy, balance energy, attract positive energy and release low-vibrational energy as they encounter it in their daily lives.

Check out a few of our current retreat sponsors.

We're proud to announce that they are all Black-owned companies!


During their time in paradise, our retreat participants will be learning about powerful ways to use crystal healing in their every day lives.


We are so honored to gift our retreat sisters with genuine, handmade crystal pendants for energy balance, attraction and cleansing from Black-woman-owned business, Desired Elements.



Our ladies will be learning ways to heal, release and attract positive energy and high vibrations with the use of real, genuine crystals!

One of our donors specializes in crystal healing and they will be providing our ladies with raw, genuine crystals that work specifically with unblocking our chakras so that we can visualize with clarity and manifest with certainly! 



Infused with real, genuine crystals, our ladies will reap the healing & cleansing benefits of their handcrafted soap bars by Johari & Lou created with intention and made to promote and re-invite new & positive energy during and long after their stay in Belize.

amethyst cleanse bar.jpeg


Our participants will receive a crystal-infused aromatherapy wellness spray for mental, physical & spiritual wellness to be used during & after the retreat in Belize.

The scents are created with a variety of intentions depending on the crystal infusion & essential oil blend but purposes include boosts in focus & concentration, intuition & clairvoyance, sleep relief and stress alleviation!



Waistbeads are colorful staples in a variety of West-African cultures to celebrate a woman's divine femininity,  sensuality and spiritual well-being.


We've so fortunate to have partnered with Black-woman-owned, Blue Lotus Creations to gift our participants with ornate and beautifully crafted waistbead sets as part of their grab bags!

The L.E.A.P. Retreat waist bead.jpg


Keeping our Queens' beautiful skin hydrated and moisturized while basking in the warmth of the Caribbean Sun is one of our primary goals and with the contribution of The Goddess Stores' best-selling whipped shea butter, our Queens skin can continue to glow from the inside out.

goddess mango butter.jpeg
Image by Cristofer Jeschke

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