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Retreat Highlights

There are spiritual wellness retreats all over the world, hosted by some of the most incredible healers, energy workers and light goddesses but ours is unique for a few special reasons; the location, the workshops, the joy and of course and most importantly, the sisterhood. Learn more about the highlights of our retreat experiences below. 


The Location

Caye Caulker is a 5-mile-long, 1-mile-across island off the coast of Belize that most who've visited will unanimously agree is "magical". With medicinal plants that line the sandy streets of this topical paradise, just minutes from the largest living barrier reef system all while being situated on top of undiscovered cave systems, the island is quite literally surrounded by the magic and the power of the Elements.

The Workshops

This retreat experience offers opportunities for participants to tap into their divine feminine to both uncover and unlock aspects of both their conscious & subconscious minds that will ultimately forge a path of true, genuine and deep healing. While honoring their own unique belief systems, we invite our participants to expand their spiritual practices through a number of different workshops led by Bree and the Sponsored Guest to catalyze the most beautiful transformation.


The Joy

Our robust itinerary combines spiritual wellness workshops with time for rest & relaxation and just pure fun. Between the Sunset Catamaran, the Coral Reef Tour, beach days on the Caribbean, swimming with sting rays, feeding tarpons, riding bikes among the local community and so much more, our retreat Queens get the opportunity to indulge in radical self-care by allowing their inner children to finally feel

F R E E.

The Sisterhood

"Come as Strangers, Leave as Sisters". 


We stand by that motto because what we feel is most sacred is when Black women come together with no judgement and instead love, forgiveness and grace, which allows each of them to show up authentically, transparently and unapologetically. When this synergy is shared, timelines shift and generations are healed. Whether you're an introvert, extrovert or ambivert, whether you're a solo traveler or coming with a friend/relative, we guarantee that you will find at least one retreat sister who will become a lifetime friend.

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